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Hello and welcome to the Medicine Man Medical Marijuana website. Since 1993 I’ve been involved in the Medical Marijuana movement, and with this website my intention is to bring to you what I’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t. You can learn from my mistakes, and profit from my successes.

This website isn’t really about me, it’ s about you. If you need Medical Marijuana to help treat a medical condition or if you are looking for advice on how to grow and cultivate the highest quality strains of Medical Marijuana, you have come to the right place.

I’ve been persecuted, prosecuted (but never convicted), robbed and treated like a criminal, all because I’ve been a pioneer in the Medical Marijuana movement. As an outspoken proponent and advocate of the medical benefits of marijuana and patients’ rights it has been an uphill battle; but through it all, I have managed to create successful Medical Marijuana cooperatives and have developed some of the most effective strains of marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma, chronic pain, lack of appetite, gastrointestinal disorders and other clinical problems.

I can honestly say that the struggle has been worth every minute of it, because of all the lives that I have been able to touch and help. My work has been to blend both Eastern and Western medicines. One result of this approach has been the “Grand Daddy Purp” strain of cannabis indica, developed in 2003, that is renowned for its pain-killing efficacy while allowing you to maintain a clear head. This is why it is requested by patients 6-to-1 over any other strain in collectives today.

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In 1972, the U.S. Congress decided that marijuana should be added to the list of Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act because there was, supposedly, no legitimate medical use for it. Schedule I drugs include heroin, MDMA (better known as Ecstasy), LSD, psilocybin (aka “magic mushroom”) , peyote and its derivative, mescaline, methaqualone (Quaaludes—powerful sedatives once prescribed by doctors, but now prohibited), and other substances.

Since then, there have been a number of studies done that seem tofind legitimate medical applications for cannabis and/or its psychoactive ingredient, THC. These include: restoring appetite to cancer and HIV/AIDS patients, relieving chronic, severe pain due to disease or injury including migraines, reducing the symptoms of glaucoma and epilepsy, treating multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms, reducing nausea due to chemotherapy, and other medical conditions.

The 1999 Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) report on “Marijuana and Medicine” noted that, in fact, marijuana has a number of legitimate medical uses. But IOM also notes that when marijuana is smoked, it exposes the user to many of the same hazards as smoking tobacco (lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, etc.) because of the high concentration of tars and other harmful substances in the smoke.

Ingesting marijuana in an edible form (cookies, brownies, other foods) eliminates the risks of smoking. Nonetheless, the drug can have powerful psychoactive effects on the user that may result in undesired psychological effects, such as feelings of paranoia or panic, hallucinatory visions, and the like.

For a more complete look at the pros and cons of medical marijuana, we recommend that you go to, a nonprofit, nonpartisan website that maintains up-to-date information on the pluses and minuses of the medical marijuana issue.

Estes Mediceuticals

Estes Mediceuticals is expanding and needs help in a variety of areas. We can use good people who want to help patients select the optimum strain of Medical Marijuana for their particular medical condition, and we provide training to make sure those we hire are fully qualified consulting professionals before they start interacting with patient in a one-on-one consultation session.

We can also use people who are experienced in operations, finance, accounting and other professional capacities. We offer competitive compensation and benefits and we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We especially encourage people with disabilities to apply.

Work for Your Meds

Estes Mediceuticals knows these days especially, that there are many people in need who simply cannot afford their Medical Marijuana Medications. In order to provide relief in such cases, we are offering a “Work For Your Meds” program that is solely needs-based. On a case-by-case basis we will discuss your situation with you and if you qualify, we may be able to have you work a pro-rated number of hours for Estes Mediceuticals at an agreed-upon rate of compensation that pays in part or in full for your Medicines. Ask your Estes dispensing professional when you visit any Estes Mediceutical Cooperative.

To help you get as close as possible to our own unique Medical Marijuana strains, we also provide growing tips and equipment so you can “grow your own” and harvest outstanding results with Medical Marijuana strains that have passed the Estes Mediceuticals testing and have been certified as meeting our requirements for proven symptomatic relief and potency.

Hydroponics is a complex area with multiple technologies and methods. Some set-ups have plant roots embedded in an inert medium; others use all-water and even misting systems with humidity controls. There are drip systems and different fertilizers to consider. It’s also true that different systems require different levels of ongoing care and different levels of initial investment in materials and supplies.

Ask your Estes dispensing professional when you visit any Estes Mediceutical Cooperative, they can help you decide which route best suits your resources and capabilities and then provide you with everything you need to maximize your chances for a bountiful harvest of Medical Marijuana to relieve your medical symptoms.

Ken Estes

Ken Estes’s commitment as a modern day “Medicine Man” has undeniably exceeded even his own expectations. He has fought the good fight for the right to offer his patients a “smart alternative solution” for a healthier lifestyle. Over the last 34 years he has gone through much pain and faced head on, insurmountable odds that most of us will ever know in our lifetime. But through it all, Ken has maintained his dignity and integrity. Together with a relentless passion to never quit, he has come out the other side a winner and a champion among men!

During the early morning hours of May 7, 1958, in the sleepy little farming town of Martinez, California, Kenneth Estes was born. He describes growing up in a small town as, “a great experience with lots of family, good friends and a real sense of community interaction.” He was a graduate of Ignacio High School, a good student and a committed athlete, lettering in baseball, basketball and his favorite sport, soccer.

“Life was good throughout the ’60s and into the ’70s,” he said. His future looked bright with college scholarships in hand. All was right with the world.

But just as life will sometimes do, out of nowhere Ken was about to be dealt a brutal blow that would drastically alter his life forever. All those years of hard work and personal bests were about to culminate on June 7, 1976 with his high school graduation.

“This was to be my summer to remember, one like no other!” There was no way he could have known how right he would be, as it was about to become the summer he could never forget. Just one month to the day later, on July 7th, Ken was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. It left him completely paralyzed from the neck down. In that instant, Ken’s life changed and would never be the same again.

For Ken, the next few months and years were a pharmaceutical, drugged blur with moments of clarity. Each time those moments became more and more real.

“Waking up out of a deep sleep, I would do the exact thing every time; I would ever so cautiously look down to the foot of my bed to see if there was a wheel chair there. If the chair was there, then it wasn’t just a very bad dream that I wasn’t going to wake up from.” The system considered Ken a broken person with no social contribution whatsoever. He was written off and placed in a rehab facility, where he was heavily medicated and left to waste away.

After months in a Vallejo, California rehabilitation facility and many unsuccessful attempts at conventional medical treatments, Ken was befriended by a small group of Vietnam vets who willingly started sharing their medical marijuana with him.

The next thing he knew, his appetite had returned and not long after that he started eating real food once again. Ken said, “It was amazing because my new found strength allowed me the ability to focus on my situation and channel all my energies, uninterrupted on healing my mind, body, and soul!”

After years of unwavering determination and hard work, his partial recovery, which was nothing short of miraculous, enabled Ken to leave the rehab facility and into a place of his own. “I was always challenging my physical disabilities constantly by pushing them into possibilities” he told friends, and by the end of the 80’s he had enrolled in college at Cal State Hayward (now Cal State East Bay). Upon completion he successfully started operating two hair salons in the cities of Davis and Concord.

In 1993, fate once again stepped into and intervened in Ken’s life. But this time it would be impacting his emotional state while honing his abilities in helping make the world a better place. Ken had witnessed an older lady in the Bay Area who was passing out medical marijuana brownies to ill patients. This unselfish gesture was what sparked his call to action and change of career direction. “It was at that point,” he said, “that I knew the die had been cast and my course was clearer now than ever before!”

Ken Estes

Ken was so emotionally moved and inspired by this woman’s quest that he quit his businesses and joined the fight for legalization of Medical Marijuana usage. After working with Dennis Peron and many of the other original activists at the time, Ken decided to open his first Medical Marijuana Collective in Concord, California. Along the way he encountered many legal challenges, including raids. But Ken persevered and continued, eventually introducing many of the most beneficial and potent marijuana strains for medical use available today. His flagship strain, “Grand Daddy Purp” is now known around the world as one of the top strains for pain and many other ailments.

Ken then took his original “Grand Daddy Purp” strain and crossed it back into itself, creating an even more potent and effective medical strain. It is now listed in the Urban Dictionary as “Ken’s Grand Daddy Purp”. Since the Obama administration decided to back off medical patients and authorized collectives, Ken has been able to “Provide superior products for a healthier lifestyle” to all his patients throughout California.

Today, his clinics in Richmond, Vallejo, San Jose, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa and South Lake Tahoe are the exclusive locations offering the only original medical strains available anywhere. Ken has also branded the strain and added many exciting and unique products, with new, superior strains being developed right now. Ken has been delivering the right solutions and peace of mind to medical marijuana patients for the last 15 years.